'Curio vii' 2022  (270mm x 260mm)

 Sculptures from the series selected  for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023,
  The Society of Women Artists summer show at the Mall Galleries June 2023 & The Royal West Academy (RWA) Bristol September 2023
Curio (A rare, unusual or intriguing  object)
Curio  is an ongoing series of sculptural pieces that are in response to the intricacy and wonder of formation found in the natural world.
Reinventing through casting and playful reconstruction the unique ‘new forms’  void of colour, act as artefact, collectors item, Curio: its origin both tantalisingly familiar yet strangely unworldly. 
Each Curio in the series is a unique, one-off construction; informed only by the key features and formation of the chosen cast components. With no initial set formula or plan, the pieces evolve intuitively through a connection and exploration of the formation and making process.

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