This sculpture of two Swill baskets was created by Norfolk based artist, Alison Atkins in 2004. This work was commissioned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, English Heritage and the Seachange Arts Trust. Once sited on the South Quay the piece has now been loaned to the Time and Tide museum Gt. Yarmouth for display. 
The sculpture was made by casting two 'Swills' (fishing baskets unique to Gt. Yarmouth) into bronze. Some parts are deliberately missing or broken to reflect the decline & loss of the herring industry that was once such a vital part of the economy and identity of the town. The work also reflects and celebrates the skill of the craftsman who made these functional yet beautiful baskets that were produced in their thousands and used to carry fish from the boats and auction houses that lined the quaysides.

The baskets are cast in bronze using the 'lost wax process' each basket measures 850mm by 450mm

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